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3D Prints to Ceramics:
In 2021 I bought a second hand 3D printer online to make 3D models into prints to use when making ceramics. Sometimes I make a plaster mold (which are suppose to be durable, but when I make them they are not..) sometimes I use the 3D print direcltly with the clay in the form of a mold or stamps ect.

MDF molds and clay:
There is a brand that makes MDF 'wood drape' forms to use with your clay to make beautiful ceramics. Very cool, but did you know you can cheaply make these yourself with some MDF board and simple woodworking tools. The result is your own, unique designs that you can repeatedly use to make tableware and such!?

Mame Bonsai Pots:
Mame bonsai stands for miniature bonsai, which is amazing, because bonsai is already about growing artificially small trees! Specialized Mame pots are prized for their extremely tiny size and I have fallen in love with making them!

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